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Welcome to AsuxCorp!


AsuxCorp, formerly known as Asux Webmasters, is India based multitasking firm operating since 1993. We mainly serve in Digital Marketing including Branding, Mailing, Display, SEO and Engagements. Our other ventures includes eGovernance, e-commerce, Medical Products, Medical Tourism, Technical backend to TV & Media etc.

High Conversion Finance CPA Leads You Always Wanted
With millions subscribers of mailing list and billions ad impressions, you're good to go!

Numbers on your sales 
Running an online business without buying traffic is something like building a petrol pump on sixth floor of a building. We understand the need of good leads for your business so we work hard to get you the most appropriate visitors on your online store or service. A valuable visit which you can see and count on your growing sales! So if you are seriously offering something which can be sold on planet earth, we can make it happen.

Ad Networks / Agencies in India
Most of the ad networks servicing in India are associated with Asux. We really feel proud to say that almost all the leading ad networks have done business with us. If you are an ad network and still not associated with us, we are really missing you. We can get you leads on travel campaigns, finance campaigns, social or matrimonial campaigns, gaming campaigns, insurance and banking campaigns. Just give us a call and we are happy to work with you.

No Fancy Smiles
We do not welcome advertisers in our fancy offices with fancy staff and smiley faces. We pay maximum attention on how we can give you maximum sales without giving you fancy hospitality. Unlike most networks and agencies, our offices are not suitable for you to relax and share a coffee but they are built for performance and heat! Every person at Asux is determined to get you highest number of sales, no matter what they are wearing! So working with Asux will only get you business, not entertainment.

Results Oriented Traffic
Our extra fine quality traffic come from mails subscribed by billions of audience worldwide and over 1,500,000,000 display ad impressions every month. So no matter how big your targets are, we can deliver you numbers you really love to see. Most of our banner ads are impressed on social networks which converts like hot cakes. Our NRI and resident foreign traffic is majorly from USA, UK, Europe and Middle East with almost all premium countries. We are working on expending our reach in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Philippines and soon we will deliver more than enough leads from these countries as well.


Offline Advertising / Campaigning
  AsuxCorp is well known for the special way to get high quality leads that converts to sale, our offline mixed campaigning. Our representatives explore the offline markets like Shopping Malls, Business centers, Market places etc. to promote our advertiser's products and services.
  Read more about our offline marketing stategy to know how you can increase your sales. Click Here.

Double Opt-in mailers
  We have billions of mailer subscribers from all around the world. People from all aspects of life are among our audience. We have multiple organized databases for various cities in India, UK and US. We can target on income, location, gender and other interests. Campaigns on mailer convert best since our audience pay complete attention to the creative sent to their mailboxes.

Display Advertising Channel
  We receive millions of ad impression every hour from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, China and more. Suitable for advertisers who require low budged effective advertising for their initial or continue campaigns. Only Asux offers to start your online display advertising campaign with as low as $1. Inline Text, Image, Flash and video banners are supported.

SMS Marketing in India
  Run managed SMS campaign for your products in India. Send bulk SMS to millions of Non-NDND Indians for as low as INR 0.10 per SMS. SMS marketing is much more effective and instant unlike email marketing. The response is live and ROI is almost instant. Our experts may also manage your campaign and distribute SMS for the best results for you.

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